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Read Me

Rosegarden v09.10

Rosegarden is a MIDI and audio sequencer and musical notation editor for Linux

Please keep an eye on the FAQ for known problems and workarounds:

When you find bugs, first check whether a newer version of Rosegarden
has been released yet; if not, please continue on to:

Build requirements

Please see:

Installation instructions

If the directory where you found this README file does not already contain a
configure script, you must generate one by running:

    sh ./

Once you have a configure script, ensure that all of your build dependencies
have been installed, and then run:

    ./configure [ --prefix=[PREFIX] QTDIR=[QTDIR] [--enable-debug] ]
    make install

New starting with 09.10, most of the application data files are bundled in the
rosegarden binary.  The install process will copy


to [PREFIX]/bin and will copy a limited number of data files to

You may need to specify [QTDIR] on the configure line, so that the build can
find the Qt4 libraries.

The optional [--enable-debug] will build Rosegarden so that it is useful for
debugging, which can greatly improve our ability to find and correct bugs by
allowing Rosegarden to produce useful stack traces when it crashes.  WARNING!
Enabling this option results in an approximately 300 MB rosegarden binary!

Runtime requirements

In order to be fully functional and provide the optimal user experience,
Rosegarden requires the following external applications.  We suggest listing
them as your distro's equivalent of "recommends" level dependencies.  (Yes, this
is a long list, and yes, we really do use all of these for something.)

  - perl
  - bash
  - qsynth AND fluid-soundfont-gm* OR timidity AND freepats*
  - lilypond
  - ocular OR acroread OR kpdf OR evince
  - kprinter OR gtklp OR lpr OR lp
  - jackd
  - sox
  - sndfile-resample
  - flac
  - oggdec
  - mpg321
  - libxml-twig-perl
  - qjackctl
  - DSSI plugins (any your distro carries)
  - LADSPA plugins (any your distro carries)

  * the key here being that either softsynth should come with an installed
    soundfont or patchset in order that it can play General MIDI as configured
    "out of the box"

User documentation

Please see


As of 09.10 all formerly optional dependencies are now mandatory dependencies.
We've taken this step because it is a real support hassle working through a set
of problems to finally uncover the reason something has broken is due to the
user's distro package being built without a particular feature turned on.

Most major distros already carry everything we depend on, so we don't anticipate
that the build requirements will be a serious irritation for package

New in this release, we have also included a formal list of "recommends"
dependencies.  We make use of a large number of supporting applications to
provide audio playback and file conversion, music notation typesetting, and so
on.  Many of these applications are already installed by default on
studio-oriented distros in particular, so we hope this new and shockingly long
list will not be too much of a burden.

Thank you for your cooperation, and thank you for making Rosegarden available to
our users!  If you need to patch Rosegarden for one reason or another in the
course of packaging it, please do keep upstream in the loop at or by contacting directly.  Thanks!

Authors and copyright

Rosegarden is Copyright 2000-2009 The Rosegarden Development Team

See for a complete list of
developers past and present, and to learn something about the history of our

Rosegarden is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at
your option) any later version.  See the file COPYING for more details.