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[r10272] (3.7 kB) by dmmcintyr

* fix irritating error in Pitch

* extract the strings from autoload.rg for translation (with some exceptions)

* lots of work (an entire day) on getting the new translations to show up and look decent

* random translations in es.ts for testing purposes (commited in one of the last
three data commits that won't have shown up on the bugs list due to size

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[r10268] (2.0 kB) by dmmcintyr

* first phase of new project to translate 100% of "out of the box" strings to
target language

This builds on Heikki's idea and pulls in the
following additional strings:

- C-2 through G8
- name="*" from autoload.rd, which includes programs, banks, colors, and

I've taken a glance at es.ts and I see pretty much what I expect. Note to
translators and everyone else that this has exposed a BUG in Pitch, where it's
writing "B#" for what should either be A# or Bb. I have a TRANSLATOR comment in
there explaining my idea. I want to play with using the translation mechanism
to correct this fault, since every language, including American English, has a
translation now. However, it may be that if we change B# to Bb (or H or si
bemol or si bémol) it could potentially create other problems whereby a correct
B# is replaced by mistake. It may turn out I have to fix Pitch after all, and
nobody should jump on these new translations until I have time to sort this
problem out.

All of this reminds me I should take another look at, for example, the change
key signature dialog and make sure we're using localized note names for these
things too. I bet we're not.

NOTE: the strings are prepped for translation now as a proof of concept for
extracting them, but most of these have NOT yet been wrapped in tr() calls in
appropriate places. That is Phase 2, to be completed after I spend a good day
outside away from Rosegarden, and avoid getting sucked into the black hole for
time again today.

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