Code Log

Commit Date  
[r13000] by tehom

Bugfix: Only advance iterator when we consume an event.

2012-09-06 23:47:07 Tree
[r12999] by tehom

Made getLock const

2012-09-06 23:46:56 Tree
[r12998] by tehom

Bugfix: Had reverse the soloing logic

2012-09-06 23:46:43 Tree
[r12997] by tehom

Bugfix: Write the shouldPlay forwarding function

2012-09-06 23:46:32 Tree
[r12996] by tehom

Moved peek's lock out to its callers.

2012-09-06 23:46:20 Tree
[r12995] by tehom

Changed comments

2012-09-06 23:46:07 Tree
[r12994] by tehom

Removed metronome field and methods from MappedEventBuffer base class

2012-09-06 23:45:56 Tree
[r12993] by tehom

Refactored the acceptance logic out to the derived classes

2012-09-06 23:45:40 Tree
[r12992] by tehom

Renamed & commented innerLoopHadEvent; bugfix for metronome skips.

2012-09-06 23:44:45 Tree
[r12991] by tehom

Removed return code from fetchEventsNoncompeting

2012-09-06 23:44:34 Tree
[r12990] by tehom

Renamed fillCompositionWithEventsUntil -> fetchEvents as Ted suggested

2012-09-06 23:44:24 Tree
[r12989] by tehom

Changed fillCompositionWithEventsUntil's signature: removed unused stuff.

2012-09-06 23:44:06 Tree
[r12988] by tehom

Did Ted's suggested STL-style renaming

2012-09-05 19:03:34 Tree
[r12987] by tehom

Branch for refactoring mappedeventbuffer

renamed from /trunk
2012-09-05 19:00:59 Tree