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Code Log

Commit Date  
[r10232] by ccherrett

added missing events

2009-04-22 14:02:22 Tree
[r10231] by ccherrett

Sorry guys - Removed all reference to SegmentRuler

2009-04-22 13:51:22 Tree
[r10230] by ccherrett

Removed our trial SegmentRuler from the GUIFileList.txt

2009-04-22 13:41:27 Tree
[r10229] by ccherrett

added customisable precision of events in the event view

2009-04-22 13:36:45 Tree
[r10215] by ccherrett

-Added Program Change Flags to the program change ruler.
-Updated the status bar when you pass over a program change to give the text of the bank and program change.
-added the ability for events in the event list editor to delete markers on the pc ruler.

2009-04-18 07:46:25 Tree
[r10214] by ccherrett

-Opps forgot the files :)

2009-04-17 08:28:06 Tree
[r10213] by ccherrett

-Deleted the autoconnect beast. Thanks Michael! :)
-Added skeleton for PC change ruler
-Added new temp icon for PC change from crystal icon set

2009-04-17 08:22:00 Tree
[r10205] by ccherrett

- the event dialog now hides bank and programs when alternate event type is selected other than program change.

2009-04-13 13:13:26 Tree
[r10204] by ccherrett

- Added Backslash and Bar as hotkey for move edit cursor by grid unit
- Removed F9 from the menu and added it as an action on it's own so it could be used for the edit cursors location.

2009-04-13 12:27:58 Tree
[r10202] by ccherrett

tab focus set to bank.
edit cursor insert of program change on f9

2009-04-13 00:04:29 Tree
[r10191] by ccherrett

The only thing not working now is the ruler to show the changes visually.

ProgramEventEditDialog is a copy of the normal event dialog. We could not figure out how to overload the class so we just copied it and made our own. It will work for now I guess.

2009-04-11 21:28:11 Tree
[r10118] by ccherrett

initial commit of the program change dialog in matrix view code

2009-03-27 22:11:50 Tree
[r10037] by cannam

* branch for Chris Cherrett's program-change-menu work (from 1.7 codebase)

2009-03-11 20:43:53 Tree