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[r12273] by cannam

* Makefile used for mingw builds, and a compatibility fix

2011-04-08 13:03:45 Tree
[r12272] by gperciva

Glasgow pitchtracker second patch.

2011-03-29 19:42:31 Tree
[r12271] by alteholz

stuff corrected that msgfmt complained about

2011-03-25 18:33:16 Tree
[r12270] by dmmcintyr

Update the bio blurb now that I'm sure I'm going to hang at the new job.

2011-03-23 11:08:00 Tree
[r12269] by dmmcintyr

Oops part deux...

2011-03-21 05:59:32 Tree
[r12268] by dmmcintyr


2011-03-21 05:58:51 Tree
[r12267] by dmmcintyr

Here's another patch to scratch one of my own itches. It adds a header and
implementation file in src/document/io with an abstract LilyPondLanguage class
and concrete implementations for every language supported by LilyPond (for note
names and accidentals). The LilyPondExport class has been modified to include a
pointer to the abstract class, which is initialized in the constructors with a
concrete implementation (and deleted in the destructor).

For now, the pointer is initialized with the Nederlands implementation, to be
consistent with the current behavior. A follow-up patch will allow the user to
select the LilyPond language in the export dialog, and save it as a QSetting in
the LilyPondExportConfigGroup (probably as a string that will be passed to a
factory method).

I don't normally work in C++, so any feedback is most welcome.


Daren Beattie ( dtbeattie ) - 2011-03-16 00:40:57 EDT

2011-03-21 05:58:19 Tree
[r12266] by tedfelix

Fixes bug #3015824. Save As... and Export dialogs now provide the document's
file name by default.

2011-03-12 21:10:17 Tree
[r12265] by dmmcintyr

Remove the old KDE 3 options from the configuration page without changing the
index for anything, so as to leave everything else alone.

2011-03-11 18:15:39 Tree
[r12264] by dmmcintyr

Studio updates from Steve Conrad

2011-03-11 18:13:37 Tree
[r12263] by tedfelix

Code cleanup in preparation for fixing bug 3015824.

2011-03-10 16:20:52 Tree
[r12262] by tedfelix

Fixes bug #2947773. Dropping an audio file into a sequence when JACK
is not running will now give a more appropriate message.

2011-03-09 17:22:46 Tree
[r12261] by tedfelix

Insert Range now preserves the loop range.

2011-03-09 00:03:06 Tree
[r12260] by gperciva

Glasgow pitchtracker patch 1: pitch detector and jack capture client.

2011-03-04 10:43:29 Tree
[r12259] by dmmcintyr

device contribution from Oscar van Eijk

2011-03-01 22:53:29 Tree
[r12258] by tedfelix

OpenOrCloseRangeCommand will now attempt to preserve the loop range when
opening a range. This will affect only Paste Range at this point. Undo
will also behave as expected, returning the loop range to its prior state.

2011-03-01 22:27:22 Tree
[r12257] by gperciva

Merge 12252:12256 from trunk.

2011-03-01 10:56:45 Tree
[r12256] by dmmcintyr

Reverse the hack I did on this file to spare it from search and replace.

2011-02-28 21:54:06 Tree
[r12255] by dmmcintyr

We forgot to update the copyright notices this year, and released 11.02 with a
2010 date. Oops.

2011-02-28 21:39:08 Tree
[r12254] by dmmcintyr

Report the instrument alias on the command line when launching an external
plugin GUI. This includes modifications to have getAlias fall back to returning
the "presentation name" if no alias has been set.

The net result of this is that you can have external plugin GUIs in FLAM that
say "Bob's strat" or "Bill's trumpet" or "Audio #4" depending on how you set
things up.

2011-02-28 20:49:22 Tree
[r12253] by gperciva

Merge 12183:12252 from trunk.

2011-02-28 11:02:12 Tree
[r12252] by tedfelix

Minor "correctness" change. Should have no effect on the behavior of
the pencil tool. Just makes more sense.

2011-02-23 22:56:18 Tree
[r12251] by dmmcintyr

Update to 11.06/Don Juan. Next up, I picked "Edelweiss" off the list of named
Roses, because what American hasn't heard that song 15,000 times? It seemed
like a nice nod to all our German users, until I realized that the song is about
Austria, and it was written by Americans Rodgers and Hammerstein. Oh well.

2011-02-23 01:37:54 Tree
[r12250] by dmmcintyr

Hand edit ALL of these (UGH!!!) to remove any Expression or Modulation
controllers that were visible on the IPB. In a few cases I had to improvise a
new controller arrangement when the author had a large number of controllers
visible. This was too complex to automate, due to the extreme variability in
years of slowly evolving file format, so I did 100% of the edits manually, with
the associated risk of introducing human error. We'll have to be on the lookout
for broken library files, and doctor them as they're discovered. I'm sure I
made a typo somewhere in at least one. It's almost completely inevitable.

2011-02-23 01:14:07 Tree
[r12249] by dmmcintyr

Set the controller position for Sustain and Expression to -1 for all files,
removing these controls from the IPB, and preventing them from being transmitted
at startup (as has been the default for all newly created files for some time

2011-02-23 00:28:11 Tree
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