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Code Log

Commit Date  
[r12256] by dmmcintyr

Reverse the hack I did on this file to spare it from search and replace.

2011-02-28 21:54:06 Tree
[r12255] by dmmcintyr

We forgot to update the copyright notices this year, and released 11.02 with a
2010 date. Oops.

2011-02-28 21:39:08 Tree
[r12254] by dmmcintyr

Report the instrument alias on the command line when launching an external
plugin GUI. This includes modifications to have getAlias fall back to returning
the "presentation name" if no alias has been set.

The net result of this is that you can have external plugin GUIs in FLAM that
say "Bob's strat" or "Bill's trumpet" or "Audio #4" depending on how you set
things up.

2011-02-28 20:49:22 Tree
[r12253] by gperciva

Merge 12183:12252 from trunk.

2011-02-28 11:02:12 Tree
[r12252] by tedfelix

Minor "correctness" change. Should have no effect on the behavior of
the pencil tool. Just makes more sense.

2011-02-23 22:56:18 Tree
[r12251] by dmmcintyr

Update to 11.06/Don Juan. Next up, I picked "Edelweiss" off the list of named
Roses, because what American hasn't heard that song 15,000 times? It seemed
like a nice nod to all our German users, until I realized that the song is about
Austria, and it was written by Americans Rodgers and Hammerstein. Oh well.

2011-02-23 01:37:54 Tree
[r12250] by dmmcintyr

Hand edit ALL of these (UGH!!!) to remove any Expression or Modulation
controllers that were visible on the IPB. In a few cases I had to improvise a
new controller arrangement when the author had a large number of controllers
visible. This was too complex to automate, due to the extreme variability in
years of slowly evolving file format, so I did 100% of the edits manually, with
the associated risk of introducing human error. We'll have to be on the lookout
for broken library files, and doctor them as they're discovered. I'm sure I
made a typo somewhere in at least one. It's almost completely inevitable.

2011-02-23 01:14:07 Tree
[r12249] by dmmcintyr

Set the controller position for Sustain and Expression to -1 for all files,
removing these controls from the IPB, and preventing them from being transmitted
at startup (as has been the default for all newly created files for some time

2011-02-23 00:28:11 Tree
[r12248] by dmmcintyr

This one too...

2011-02-22 17:16:58 Tree
[r12247] by dmmcintyr

Re-save with channels remapped, to avoid the warning dialog.

2011-02-22 17:11:35 Tree
[r12246] by tedfelix

Fixes bug 1462558. Additional pencil tool fixes.

2011-02-20 16:42:48 Tree
[r12245] by dmmcintyr

Patch from Daren Beattie to filter out nonsensical marks when applying them to

2011-02-18 00:08:36 Tree
[r12244] by dmmcintyr

Add an image showing where some of the donation money has gone lately...

2011-02-17 22:58:47 Tree
[r12243] by dmmcintyr

Update the tin cup blurb to more accurately reflect current reality.

2011-02-17 21:51:51 Tree
[r12242] by tedfelix

Fix for bug 1837839. Copy/Paste Range with time signature and/or tempo
changes would not undo properly. unexecute()'s time computations did
not match execute()'s.

2011-02-16 00:41:21 Tree
[r12241] by iangardner

Changing firing mechanism for quick linking of segments to use Ctrl+Alt+drag.

Paste as links functionality - skeleton code added but disabled in the ui. Will be developed further at a future stage.

* edit_paste_as_links action and have_clipboard_can_paste_as_links state added.
* slot in main window added to handle paste as links, unimplemented as yet

Disabled add_clef_this_link_only action in notation view until linked transposition work is developed further

2011-02-11 21:25:34 Tree
[r12240] by prokoudine

Updates and fixes to Russian translation. More to follow.

2011-02-09 17:08:09 Tree
[r12239] by tedfelix

Added code to check for a potential crash due to getAudioFile()
returning a NULL pointer. No known test case exists to exercise this.

2011-02-09 01:45:13 Tree
[r12238] by alteholz

Dutch update

2011-02-07 01:11:20 Tree
[r12237] by msjulie

Fix TimeWidget to honor composition end and start if constrained & misc related bugs.

Checked usability in:

2011-02-06 23:11:11 Tree
[r12236] by msjulie

Some cleanup on TimeWidget. Place delay time in a constant, instead of hard coded.

2011-02-06 19:46:47 Tree
[r12235] by msjulie

Several correction to TimeWidget to facilitate easier use.

* start time/duration units box now has a delay update timer to allow easier typing
* msec box also uses a delay timer to allow easier typing
* Computation of msec used rouned msec instead of truncated msec computation to avoid
run away updates to nearest "stable" value
* removal of code related to catching runaway computations (not needed now)
* added functionality to msec to correctly handle negative times when before the start
of composition (set start time)

2011-02-06 18:32:39 Tree
[r12234] by alteholz

Swedish update from Stefan Asserhall

2011-02-06 14:14:50 Tree
[r12233] by alteholz

Japanese update by Oota Toshiya

2011-02-05 22:27:38 Tree
[r12232] by msjulie

Added added delay before auto-recalculation of msec box so users could type times in.

Recalculation happens imidiately if the msec box looses focus.

2011-02-05 20:38:13 Tree
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