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[r11697] by dmmcintyr

Fix the hideIfStillThere when the channel rearrangement dialog happens when the
splash is still visible. Try to make the stupid stuck "Generating audio
previews..." thing go away, although I got completely and totally sidetracked on
that one, and don't remember if it worked or not.

2010-01-23 05:23:27 Tree
[r11696] by dmmcintyr

Give Yves a little help with French (whatever I could do with Wikipedia and my
rusty knowledge, and my similar experiences in Spanish)

2010-01-23 05:22:17 Tree
[r11695] by dmmcintyr

data commit

2010-01-23 03:52:00 Tree
[r11694] by dmmcintyr

Update from Oota

2010-01-23 03:33:21 Tree
[r11693] by cannam

* merge revisions 11669 to 11692 from noteitem branch

2010-01-22 16:15:56 Tree
[r11692] by cannam

* Add tiny versions of notes for panner (just a block & line)

2010-01-22 15:43:18 Tree
[r11691] by cannam

* Make note items splittable at end of line (basically, they revert to
pixmap items)

2010-01-22 14:31:34 Tree
[r11690] by dmmcintyr

Works pretty well for standard controllers. I drew a crazy zig-zag of
interleaved controllers with this thing where I went left to right, right to
left, left to right, right to left. The final event is still doubled, and
probably coming one step too soon or something.

Pitch bend is still very, very screwy, but at least this attempt, naive as it
is, no longer floods with 15,000 events in 8 seconds, so it may be broken, but
it's no longer harmful.

I don't like having to init() as a refreseh mechanism after all this, but I
can't work out any other way to get there. I suspect it's because the route
I've chosen to get through this doesn't really mesh properly with how the rest
of the rulers are supposed to be put together, but it's working, it looks like
clear() should take care of deleting and re-creating everything, so I don't
think this will cause memory leaks.

It would be nice to show a running rubber band of where the line is going to go
when holding shift. I don't know if I'll manage that or not.

2010-01-22 01:42:28 Tree
[r11689] by dmmcintyr

Inserting a line of controllers GIMP style works, with many caveats.

No update after insertion.

Hitting undo crashes.


I figure it's OK to do this in trunk even if it's totally unstable, because
there's no baseline to break, and anything is something more than nothing.

2010-01-21 21:57:52 Tree
[r11688] by cannam

* Update from live wiki

2010-01-21 17:03:45 Tree
[r11687] by cannam

* support selected, shaded, style in note item

2010-01-21 16:17:55 Tree
[r11686] by dmmcintyr

Groundwork on the control line thing. Establishes the idea of "shift click to
draw a line back to the last thing you clicked into existence" as probably being

Mostly comments with me thinking out loud.

2010-01-21 08:40:08 Tree
[r11685] by dmmcintyr

Gotcha, you tricky, tricky bastard.

I did this to myself when I didn't think about where to put the rewritten
connect logic. I just stuck it where the original logic was, but the whole guts
of everything work differently now, and putting it where I did originally caused
a glitch I misinterpreted for the longest time.

I also shut up some assorted progress debug stuff that was getting on my nerves.

2010-01-21 07:11:15 Tree
[r11684] by dmmcintyr

Some ongoing debug stuff. I'm homing in on the problem. Something is setting
m_eventFilter in a strange way, and the checkbox states are one step behind

Breaking off for now.

2010-01-21 03:29:27 Tree
[r11683] by dmmcintyr

Fix one screw-up from the last commit, some obvious settings amnesia
problems, the musical/raw/real time buttons, and simplify a couple of things.

None of it actually did anything to impact the underlying problem in a positive
way, and the filtering whatnots are still thoroughly busted.

2010-01-20 15:34:07 Tree
[r11682] by dmmcintyr

Non-working fix. Something is screwed up with the filter, and I probably broke
it rewriting all of this.

I'll have to figure it out tomorrow.

2010-01-20 06:47:58 Tree
[r11681] by dmmcintyr

Double DOH!

I actually thought this had compiled with this stupid mistake, but I was running
the wrong branch.

2010-01-20 05:50:19 Tree
[r11680] by dmmcintyr


2010-01-20 04:32:08 Tree
[r11679] by dmmcintyr

Two or three days of grinding to get half of the code compiling. There aren't
that many controversial changes, but there are plenty enough of them by now that
this is going to merge after stable_10_02 forks off, and this is the basis for

The scale of this isn't quite as bad as the last slog, but there's no escaping
the feeling that I've been right here before. We dodged the QCanvas bullet, and
that one rewrite I had to do wasn't too bad, but I was right to fear how this
was all going to play out. This is quite ugly. It's worst in our oldest code

2010-01-20 02:25:15 Tree
[r11678] by cannam

* Fix QPainter warnings

2010-01-19 10:50:57 Tree
[r11677] by dmmcintyr

slog slog slog

2010-01-19 06:04:39 Tree
[r11676] by dmmcintyr

More slogging... BUG HUNT: PixmapFunctions needed some fairly heavy thinking
that I'm only mostly sure is right.

2010-01-19 04:18:40 Tree
[r11675] by yguillemot

- Fix the compliance of staff headers visibility with current RG configuration
when notation editor opens. (This was broken recently).

- Fix the default visibility of these headers when Rosegarden.conf doesn't
exist still.

2010-01-18 21:15:42 Tree
[r11674] by cannam

* Add some actual implementation for NoteItem. Notes are currently only drawn
at all if their target size when drawn will be at least 10 pixels in height
or width. This means currently most notes are omitted entirely from the
panner display. Also notes that are selected, shaded, or in non-Classical
style will not be drawn properly (those statuses are ignored).
This may be a good point to compare performance with trunk before
worrying about finalising those details.

2010-01-18 18:01:55 Tree
[r11673] by cannam

* add NoteItemDimensions struct

2010-01-18 17:29:36 Tree
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