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[r10979] by cjnfryer

Branch to work on smooth control event transitions

2009-09-28 19:58:31 Tree
[r10978] by cannam

* Fix a couple of error messages

2009-09-28 14:32:58 Tree
[r10977] by cannam

* Update font, font size, and spacing combos when menu actions are changed

2009-09-28 09:32:43 Tree
[r10976] by alteholz

biweekly update of ts and qm files

2009-09-27 20:07:03 Tree
[r10975] by janifr

Pitch bend sequence dialog.

2009-09-27 19:21:27 Tree
[r10974] by janifr

My experiments

2009-09-27 03:44:10 Tree
[r10973] by dmmcintyr

Spanish update

2009-09-26 23:33:57 Tree
[r10972] by alteholz

qm files after make qrc

2009-09-26 17:30:31 Tree
[r10971] by alteholz

translations obtained from ts files of other packages

2009-09-26 17:23:18 Tree
[r10970] by alteholz

translation update

2009-09-26 17:20:00 Tree
[r10969] by janifr

A little update of finnish translation.

2009-09-26 06:19:09 Tree
[r10968] by dmmcintyr

* sync the combos back to the menu check states

2009-09-26 05:28:09 Tree
[r10967] by dmmcintyr

* spacing combo and menu (wow, what a PITA for such a subtle feature)

* remove "duration factor" cruft

2009-09-26 05:16:48 Tree
[r10966] by dmmcintyr

* fix the size combo

2009-09-26 02:16:16 Tree
[r10965] by dmmcintyr

* respect user font preference

2009-09-26 01:59:52 Tree
[r10964] by dmmcintyr

* font combo works

* variable size per single/multi staffs works (for the first time ever, I

* remove deprecated native printing junk from configuration page

* clean up configuration page row-row+ junk

* fix stylesheet for stubborn widgets (all thoughts of trying to do this from
the global stylesheet at this point are gone, fsck it, git'r done)

* misc warning cleanups

2009-09-26 00:48:29 Tree
[r10963] by dmmcintyr

whatever random bits and bobs are left after I cut out the biggest part of a
dead end day

2009-09-25 22:19:55 Tree
[r10962] by dmmcintyr

another random little update

2009-09-25 22:08:24 Tree
[r10961] by cjnfryer

* Here you go, you finnecky, finnecketers
* Cursor hidden during item drag using Qt::BlankCursor
* Qt::BlankCursor does not appear in current list of cursors; may be deprecated?

2009-09-25 21:09:42 Tree
[r10960] by cjnfryer

* Control event line now works correctly whether or not an event is visible
Required a minor reworking of the ControlRuler visible limit iterators.

2009-09-25 20:42:30 Tree
[r10959] by janifr

A little update of finnish translation.

2009-09-25 19:27:59 Tree
[r10958] by dmmcintyr

little Spanish update

2009-09-25 18:59:27 Tree
[r10957] by dmmcintyr

translation update, data commit will probably be swallowed by bugs list

2009-09-25 18:33:39 Tree
[r10956] by dmmcintyr

* remove ruler junk from notation menus; add new ruler actions

* add rulers toolbar to notation (not remotely hooked to anything yet)

* rescue notation layout toolbar (did not transplant well; needs much salt)

* shut up random compiler warnings I ran across

* any other random miscellany I forgot about

2009-09-25 07:06:47 Tree
[r10955] by dmmcintyr

Fix panner for continuous page layout mode

Since nobody screamed about the separate modes thing, I think we can call this a
feature now and move along. It seems pretty solid overall.

2009-09-25 03:14:35 Tree
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