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[r10224] by cannam

* Add autoconf build system. And thus, the circle of life is complete!

2009-04-21 12:36:08 Tree
[r10223] by cannam

* rebuild dependencies automatically... this is not necessarily ideal as
it adds a potentially lengthy makedepend calculation to every build in
which a file has been changed

2009-04-21 12:35:01 Tree
[r10222] by cannam

* This file includes a nonexistent data.xml whose nature is unclear to me...
remove it. If you intended it to be present, please re-add and make sure
it's present in svn!

2009-04-21 12:33:57 Tree
[r10221] by cannam

These are now all required.
The remaining optional modules will remain optional for the moment in the
code, but they are all going to be mandatory in the build.

* Tighten up inclusion of headers from base -- i.e. ensure they are always
included with #include "base/SomeHeader.h" rather than "SomeHeader.h" or

2009-04-21 12:21:08 Tree
[r10220] by dmmcintyr

* remove some obsolete scripts

* new make qrc target

* new script to rebuild data.qrc after adding new files

* new library files I found by way of the wiki

2009-04-21 02:08:11 Tree
[r10219] by msjulie

revert a minor mistake--of no consequence

2009-04-20 23:34:04 Tree
[r10218] by msjulie

Mostly Comments
got notation style sub menu showing properly.

Should have used custom coded menu. BUt just went with .rc setup

Be back soon.

2009-04-20 23:27:56 Tree
[r10217] by emrum

Record (midi-) devices are restored from the rg-file now, like play devices.

2009-04-20 17:03:40 Tree
[r10216] by dmmcintyr

* disabled states for radio buttons and checkboxes (disabled text is black with
Qt doing some white ghost thing, and I can't seem to turn off the white ghost
thing. Oh well. Legible now.)

2009-04-19 02:58:35 Tree
[r10215] by ccherrett

-Added Program Change Flags to the program change ruler.
-Updated the status bar when you pass over a program change to give the text of the bank and program change.
-added the ability for events in the event list editor to delete markers on the pc ruler.

2009-04-18 07:46:25 Tree
[r10214] by ccherrett

-Opps forgot the files :)

2009-04-17 08:28:06 Tree
[r10213] by ccherrett

-Deleted the autoconnect beast. Thanks Michael! :)
-Added skeleton for PC change ruler
-Added new temp icon for PC change from crystal icon set

2009-04-17 08:22:00 Tree
[r10212] by cjnfryer

Builds but does quite alot less than nothing.

2009-04-16 23:02:09 Tree
[r10211] by dmmcintyr

* if the matrix shows only one segment, and the label is not empty, display the
label in the title bar

* if the track name isn't localized "<untitled>" then display the track name in
the title bar too (actually this one should occur in all n segments shown
cases, but currently only the n == 1 case actually works anyway) (I can't
think of anything sensible to do about the case where the file was last edited
in a French locale, and the Spanish user gets "<sans titre>" for the track
title. Oh well.)

2009-04-16 15:48:57 Tree
[r10210] by dmmcintyr

* Fix #2656646: Tempo rule's tooltips start counting measures from 0

2009-04-16 00:47:29 Tree
[r10209] by dmmcintyr

* branch for working on the ruler rewrite

2009-04-15 22:33:09 Tree
[r10208] by dmmcintyr

* fix a minor port conversion error in QFileDialog

2009-04-15 03:35:43 Tree
[r10207] by dmmcintyr

* Qt 4.5's raster graphics system causes a lot of problems, so I'm disabling
this for the time being

2009-04-13 19:17:15 Tree
[r10206] by dmmcintyr

* incremental work on making all record devices always receive events from
whatever they're connected to, and eliminating the whole isRecording()

* some sorting to settle issues caused by giving the newly renamed
DeviceManagerDialog the same name as its obsolete and deleted predecessor

2009-04-13 16:15:57 Tree
[r10205] by ccherrett

- the event dialog now hides bank and programs when alternate event type is selected other than program change.

2009-04-13 13:13:26 Tree
[r10204] by ccherrett

- Added Backslash and Bar as hotkey for move edit cursor by grid unit
- Removed F9 from the menu and added it as an action on it's own so it could be used for the edit cursors location.

2009-04-13 12:27:58 Tree
[r10203] by emrum

some changes and debug output
I'm not sure if this fixed the issue when disconnecting Ports. Tests are welcome.

2009-04-13 00:22:41 Tree
[r10202] by ccherrett

tab focus set to bank.
edit cursor insert of program change on f9

2009-04-13 00:04:29 Tree
[r10201] by emrum

MidiPorts disconnect now in the DeviceManagerDialog.

But it's buggy: Sometimes two ports are being disconnected...
Would anyone please verify sound/AlsaDriver::removeConnection(),
where I suppose anything to be wrong. Thanks.

2009-04-12 19:56:25 Tree
[r10200] by dmmcintyr

* goodbye CMake, and good riddance to the headache and frustration of trying to
maintain this orphaned mess. It's a damn shame though, really, because
Pedro's buld system was quite brilliant. It's just without him or anyone else
around who really groks CMake, this really is hopeless.

2009-04-12 16:04:00 Tree
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