#1420 Tempo changes are not inserted


I was experimenting with Rosegarden 13.12 build 13552 and everything was fine until I tried to insert some tempo changes in the middle of a composition. The result was that tempo changes were not inserted in the place where cursor was, intead the first tempo of the composition was changed everytime I tried to insert a tempo change. That happened from notation editor and also from the main window.
If it's some problem that happens only in my compilation please tell me. But please, draw any segment, move the cursor some measures ahead and try to insert a tempo change to see if this bug can be reproduced.


  • Yves Guillemot
    Yves Guillemot

    I confirm the problem: the tempo change may be inserted anywhere in the composition, but you have to set its position explicitely using the appropriate fields of the tempo dialog.
    These fields are not automatically filled from the cursor position or from the pointer position.

  • Good point. I made 4 or 5 tests and had the problem. I didn't notice that we have to explicitely change the fields, since in earlier versions it was the default behavior. Well, I don't know if it was a bug or a choice from developers. Maybe it could be better if the option apply thi tempo from here onwards came checked by default.
    Let's wait to know what developers think about it.

  • There are many ways to create tempo changes. I just set out to create some random tempo changes with no particular goal in mind, and everything I tried worked out fine.

    We're probably going about this different ways.

  • Ok. I recognize that it's possible to create tempo changes. I spent so much time stuck on earlier versions of Rosegarden until I became able to compile that I didn't notice that options in the box have changed. I was used to type the new tempo and press enter and it was inserted. Now inserting the change where cursor is not default, instead the default is changing last tempo. I believe that it's what seemed strange to me and to Yves Guillemot. Excuse me for the bad explanation.

  • Yves Guillemot
    Yves Guillemot

    Following Michael comment I tried again to create tempo changes and remind how to proceed.
    You don't need to double click on the tempo ruler, which opens the dialog whith the time fields. You have to right click and use the contextual menu.
    In a first time a tempo change can be inserted at cursor position or at pointer position.
    In a second time, the tempo value after the change can be edited with the same menu.
    In a third time, it's even possible to linearly ramp the tempo between two consecutive change points.
    So I eventually consider there is no bug here but rather that my memory is a bit deficient :(

  • Yes. I think I committed the same mistake. It was not exactly a bug, just a misunderstanding of the difference of the options in recent versions from earlier ones.
    I think we have an agreement that this ticket may be closed. I just leave a suggestion that "apply tempo change from here onwards" could be checked by default if you find it appropriate.
    Excuse me for the mistake. Thank you all for the help.