#1379 Matrix Pitch Bend Ruler - segfault on SHIFT

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  • Lorenzo

    In Matrix or Notation Editor:
    - Open a Pitch Bend ruler
    - Select draw tool
    - In pitch bend ruler click and create a point
    - SHIFT + click to creat a ramp

    Rosegarden segfaults.
    E.g. This is printed if run from a terminal:

    MatrixScene: caught useful selection change from ruler
    control ruler updating selection
    MatrixScene: caught useful selection change from ruler
    ControllerEventsRuler::addControlLine()Drawing a line from origin time: 11100 to 11490 rising from: 16219 to 8191 with a rise of: -8028 and run of: 390
    intermediate value: 16218
    intermediate value: 16195

    [... similar output with different numbers follows ... ]

    intermediate value: 8292
    intermediate value: 8267
    Segmentation fault

    Haven't managed to find a criteria, but would say that this happend 90% of times a ramp is entered this way.

    Last edit: Lorenzo 2013-01-05
  • I can get a crash 100% of the time doing the following:

    1. Create segment
    2. Open in an editor
    3. Create pitchbend ruler
    4. Click shift+click to draw a diagonal line
    5. Click shift+click somewhere in the original line to attempt to redraw some of it

    There are probably other ways too. The bottom line is the line of controllers thing on the pitch bend ruler is so likely to cause a crash that it's almost useless.

    On the other hand, it's been this way ever since 10.02, and that doesn't really impact users very much, based on the low level of complaints.

    It's worth fixing, but there's no real hurry.

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