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#1366 Keyboard shortcut for play "Enter" inconsistent


In 12.12 build 13120

There's an inconsistency in handling "enter" as the start-playback shortcut, at first I thought it didn't work at all, but found it ONLY responds to "numberpad-enter" not "main-keyboard-enter".

I checked "insert" for stop: Both "inserts" work (main-insert and keypad-0-insert) so for consistency, I think both Enters should work too?

I tend not to use the keypad, so kinda forgot there was even an Enter there! Duh.


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  • I piddled around a few minutes, and I have no earthly idea why the chain of stuff we're looking at here is interpreting "Enter" strictly as "the enter key on the keypad" instead of the enter key more generally.

    It's been this way for ages though, and I'm afraid I'm pretty much content to blame Qt for this and move on.

  • Chris Cannam
    Chris Cannam

    The "enter" key on the keyboard is known as Return (technically, i.e. throughout the keyboard accelerator specs in X, Qt and elsewhere). Enter only refers to the keypad key.

    As to why we only use Enter and not Return for the play start shortcut in Rosegarden -- I don't know. It was definitely a deliberate decision (by Richard?) and I've always assumed it was cribbed from Logic or some such. It seems pretty weird now, especially since I personally also use a keyboard without a numeric keypad most of the time these days.

    I wonder if there's any very good reason (from a user perspective) why we shouldn't use the Return key as well.

  • Mike

    Well all I can say is I must have some non-compliant keyboard, as it's got two enter keys.

    Also, a quick RTFM at http://rosegardenmusic.com/wiki/keyboard_shortcuts indicates that "Ctrl-Enter" should work too.

    Ctrl-Enter (numpad) doesn't work. But Ctrl-Return (as you call it) works. So I guess the inconsistency on what to call things exists elsewhere too.

    Last edit: Mike 2012-10-27
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  • Rev. 13129. Let's just make both enter keys and Ctrl+ both enter keys start the transport. I messed around with Rosegarden using this control scheme, and any drawbacks aren't really apparent to me. We can always revert it later when we find the drawbacks.

    • status: pending --> closed