#1359 Bug in Midi Export

Future Release
Tom Breton

In Rosegarden 12.04 there's a bug in midi export function. It usually doesn't happen in all tracks and channels but almost always happens in one of them. When you export a midi file the first note of the track is exported as a midi event before the first program change and first controllers events. This results in the first note of that track being played with a wrong instrument, wrong volume and another settings that inside Rosegarden were regulated on the special parameters panel.
This may be noticed when the midi file is played or opened in another softwares.
For example, you may download Midi Locator (it's a shareware for Windows but also runs on Linux under Wine) or some similar software, open the midi file and see the list of events that the first note of some of the tracks will usually be list before the first program and control changes.
I have tried different builds of Rosegarden 12.04 in different operating system and found the same bug in them. That didn't happen in the previous version.
Please, give attention to this bug cause it prevents users from having a midi file exported correctly. Meanwhile it also has not been possible to use Rosegarden as the only sequencer to build a file because the only way to correct the bug in the midi file is using another midi editors.


  • Mike

    This bug is also present in 12.12 (development snapshot), I have created some example .RG and .MIDI files that show this, it is not 100% repeatable, it doesn't affect just the first event in a track, but the first event in a segment.

    junk.rg and junk.mid show the problem, the first note of one of the segments is not played when junk.mid is played in an external MIDI software, even as simple as "aplaymidi" misses it.

    While trying to create these, I put markers in to show the location of the problem and made it go away. So junk-works.rg and junk-works.mid mysteriously work fine ... only difference is presence of markers.

    • milestone: None --> 12.12
  • Could you try the patch I attached to ticket #1371?

    • Mike

      Tested against this patch, exported MIDI file, first events of segments are still intermittently missing, so it doesn't seem to have touched this particular bug.

    • milestone: 12.12 --> Future Release
  • I'm thinking this is probably all sorted out now. Can anybody confirm?

  • To the extent I tested in development version 13.12 it is completely solved.

    • status: open --> closed
    • assigned_to: Tom Breton
  • I had hoped so. What I saw of this looked good too, with controllers and program changes well ordered in the MIDI data stream. It was some container sorting issue. I've lost track of who fixed what piece of what, but it appears it all came together.