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#1323 Roasegarden, timidity and FC14 (Fedora 14) no sound any more

Third Party Bugs
midi (93)
David W. Legg

This was Bug 2968887 and was fixed around FC11 time.
Rosegarden works with timidity under FC13, but is broken in FC14.

I used to be able to say:

timidity -iA &

and all the rosegarden contemporaneous MIDI/audio would work.
However, now, under FC14, I get no audio out, except that sometimes there is a blast of v. quick audio after exiting rosegarden.

I have:



This is totally repeatable.
Any ideas? Ta.


  • I couldn't begin to guess what's special about FC14, but it definitely sounds like a distro-specific, rather than a generic Rosegarden problem. I'm not aware of anyone else having issues anything like this.

    My best suggestion would be to try QSynth or something and see if you have better luck there. Beyond that, I'm sorry, but there just isn't really anything we at Rosegarden can do with a problem like this unless one of us happens to be able to repeat it.

  • Yves Guillemot
    Yves Guillemot

    I have no clue about RC, but here is a suggestion which works under Mageia:

    If JACK in not installed, try to use "timidity -iA -Os" rather than "timidity -iA".
    (Note that if JACK is installed, you may nevertheless have a try to the preceding command by temporarily disabling it with something like "mv /usr/bin/jackd /usr/bin/jackd_xxx").

    If JACK is installed, Rosegarden starts it automatically (by default) and you
    have to follow that steps to get sound:
    -1) Start Rosegarden, but don't load any file (Rosegarden doesn't see any midi
    port as Timidity is not running still)
    -2) Start timidity with: "timidity -iA -Oj" (as Jack is now started, Timidity
    can connect to it)
    -3) Load a file to play in Rosegarden (which now sees the midi ports from
    Timidity) then play it.

    • status: open --> wont-fix
    • milestone: --> Third Party Bugs