#1322 GUI crashes when Iconize button is pressed

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When i press iconize the software GUI crashes and doesn't seem to recover anymore. even after restarting program and even after restarting the notebook. i had to uninstall rosengarden. Hope this issue will be considered, strange you haven't noticed guys

wonderful job anyway

i'm on a celeron hp550 running ubuntu 11.04


  • I do seem to remember some other person reporting a similar problem some time back, but I don't remember what, if any, resolution there was.

    I can report that there is no problem using the minimize, restore, and maximize buttons while running current SVN on KDE 4.4.5 on Ubuntu 10.04.2. This does not necessarily mean there is no general problem while running Rosegarden 10.10 on GNOME x.x on Ubuntu 11.04, but there is nothing I can do to test.

    I'm afraid we have to leave this unresolved.

  • Ted Felix
    Ted Felix

    Tried minimize with Ubuntu 11.04 and GNOME. Used both the "Ubuntu Classic" (GNOME) and the "Ubuntu" (Unity) desktop. Current SVN. Works fine for me.

  • It's a pity people are having problems like this, but no developer can reproduce the issue, so it's simply impossible to diagnose and correct it. I'm sorry.

    • status: open --> wont-fix
    • milestone: --> Third Party Bugs