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#1293 No file name preselected on midi export

Ted Felix
Dave Plater

Copied from enhancement request : https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=579168
When editing a file which has been saved (has a name), export -> export midi file : directory / file name field doesn't have a name set to directory and file name base of current rg file, which I think was the case with rosegarden classic 1.7.3 and was a nice feature.


  • One thing that's different since 10.x is that we now remember the last place you exported a LilyPond file, the last place you exported a MIDI file, and so on, so we really don't want to pre-populate the file dialog with the full directory and file name (minus extension) of the current composition. Pre-populating it with the correct filename would be very helpful though.

    I do not see a quick fix to this. There's nothing that, in its current form, takes the parameter we would need in order to accomplish this. It's going to take more thought than I anticipated.

    Perhaps for the next release, but not this one.

  • Dave Plater
    Dave Plater

    I'll pass this on to the original reporter.

  • Ted Felix
    Ted Felix

    Fixed in r12266. I implemented the default file name behavior, but left the directory behavior alone.

  • Dave Plater
    Dave Plater

    Thanks, will test.