#1283 Crappy audio path design

One Of These Days

When Rosegarden starts it creates the default directory ~/rosegarden as the audio path if this directory does not exist. The information icon at the bottom-right explains this and also mentions that the default audio path can be change by selecting another directory from View > Document Properties > Audio. This works until Rosegarden is restarted, at which point the audio path defaults back to ~/rosegarden, and the ~/rosegarden directory is re-created.


  • When you change this in document properties, you're changing the setting for the current document you're working on. This is not a global setting, and it belongs to each individual document. Reading over the information dialog, I don't see that our wording is really misleading here, but it could probably be more clear.

    Overall, this whole situation is just a clear case of a crappy design that really doesn't work well in practice. What the user is supposed to do with this thing is change the audio path in document properties before recording (or otherwise incorporating) any audio. If the user would keep up with this, every project would be in its own directory, and the user wouldn't wind up with a gigantic ~/rosegarden directory full of meaningless files that are impossible to associate with any particular project.

    After eight years with Rosegarden, my ~/rosegarden directory is 1.3 GB, and that is a shining testament to how poorly this works in practice.

    We've introduced various measures over the years to try to mitigate this effect. Most recently, we added a bunch of file naming stuff so it could be possible to associate the .wav files in here with their respective projects. Even that doesn't work so well in practice, because in order to capitalize on that, first you have to change the aliases for your audio instruments. Otherwise, you wind up with a lot of "not specified" in the slot where the useful information could have been.

    It's all just a mess of duct tape and bandages on top of what started off as a crappy design.

    It's probably worth revisiting the topic of what we should do as an alternative to our current behavior, but every time we do so, we fail to reach a resolution.

    That will probably turn out to be the case this time too, but let's leave it open anyway.

  • kurkha

    +1. Forcibly creating non-hidden folders/files in the user home directory is not polite, even though you can hide them with .hidden-file. Also because of this, the possibity of editing the default audio path would be welcome.

  • The audio path stuff is garbage, but it has been garbage for many years now. It would be nice to rework this more elegantly one day, but it may never happen.

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