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#1109 DSSI Track has inaccurate timing or drops notes

Future Release
sequencer (64)
  • Create a new project with one track.
  • Create a DSSI synth and route it to the track.
  • Record some notes to a segment
  • Rewind the SPP and start the playback
  • Now play live to recorded material while the same track is the active one.

The phenomenon is, that the live played notes are not in time and/or dropped. The first recorded notes are replayed fine.

  • Change the setup, add a second track route it to the same softsynth as the first track is.
  • Rewind the SPP and play along your recorded material

You can hear the same phenomenon.

  • Now give the second track it's own softsynth
  • Play to it:

Everything is fine.

For verification:

  • Set up a new project with one track
  • Route it to an external synth
  • Record some notes, reset SPP, play along to your recording.

The timing is fine and there are no drop outs.

It does not depend on the used softsynth. I've tested it with the fluidsynth and the whysynth plugin. It behave in the same manner.
The drop outs do not depend on the polyphony of the softsynth. The lost notes aren't cut off note because of a polyphony underflow.

There is thread called "Loop recording problems" on the user list which may contain some additional information.


  • ciwe

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    Please have also a look to this user list thread "DSSI problems when recording back to same track".

    And sorry I've forgotten that I'm reporting against version 1.6.0, compiled on my athlon 1GHz 1GB RAM machine under JAD 1.0.

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    The thread is called "DSSI problems when recording back to same track" now, and I started CCing it to the devel list with that name change.

    It includes some illustrations of the issue in question, and details of my attempts to pick at it and figure out what's actually going on.

    I'm tossing this ball to Chris now, and probably can't add anything else, unless I build a LEGO keyboard playing robot.

  • Chris Cannam
    Chris Cannam

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    Can confirm. No idea about the cause yet.

  • Chris Collins
    Chris Collins

    In relation to this bug, I would like to add that unmuting a DSSI track in the middle of playback seems to cause even worse results, with the timing waaaay off, or not even playing at all. Tested with Rosegarden 1.7.2 (compiled) on PCLinuxOS 2007.

  • Chris Cannam
    Chris Cannam

    What is the current status of this one with Thorn?

    • milestone: --> Future Release
  • We should at least test this and answer Chris's question before deciding whether to put it on the someday list, can it, or what.