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1) It would be nice if there were an option to insert segments or remove segments, adding/removing space in the file as necessary. This way if I decide "part B should go at the end of the file", I can move parts C, D, E etc. over without having to select them all and drag them with the move tool. Likewise if I decide "part E should go between parts A and B".

2) If I resize a segment, matrix view doesn't shrink/expand to reflect this. Notation view does, though.

3) It would be nice if there were a way to select Dvorak's AOEUIDHTN instead of ASDFGHJKL to enter notes.

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    1 can be done with the new range copy/paste mechanism as of 1.4.0.

    2 is probably a bug

    3 would be helpful to many people in foreign countries as well, such as those with QWERTZ keyboards, and those whose keyboards don't natively type Latin characters at all. We really don't have proper multi-national support in terms of this note shortcut entry feature thingie, and never have. It would be a good project for some third party champion to come up with a way to switch our hard coded keys for something more modular and adaptable.

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    This is two parts feature request and one part bug report. Not a valid report. It doesn't belong all the way under either data type.