#1000 The end of the loop does not end playing.

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Heikki Junes

If you
- create a group of notes,
- select a loop over the notes, and
- start to play the loop,
the last note in the loop does not get a note off signal.
This makes looping practically unusable in some cases.

Rather, one should
- send midi off (or some kind of panic) at the end of
the loop, and
- start with absolutely no notes playing in the start
of each loop round.

The behaviour has been like this all the time,
therefore it declare it as a show-stopper in earlier
releases. It would be really nice to have this fixed.
Then the basic usage of loops would be feature complete.


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    I wonder. I don't think it's as bad as you think, or I
    would have been whining about this for years. I think the
    notes only get stuck if they extend right to the loop
    border, or get cut in half by the loop point.

    I'm not entirely certain though. Interesting. I'll have
    to play with this.

    In any case, there certainly is room to improve here. I
    definitely agree that what you describe sometimes happens,
    and is always irritating when it does.

    As far as loops being feature complete, don't forget the
    problem with audio segments. Loops + audio = pregnant
    pause and no seamless looping, while Rosegarden re-buffers
    the audio. This is an ancient bug that's apparently really
    difficult to fix.

  • Heikki Junes
    Heikki Junes

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    I forget to say to have been playing with midi only, with
    "timidity -iA" softsynth.

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