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#24 Add holiday and weekend prices to rooms

Pål Brattberg

We need the ability to specify different prices for the
rooms depending on the day of the week, or on special

This is also something that is per month or season.

This is a real showstopper.


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    A showstopper indeed. It's a similar problem to the
    room description and room allocation problem. The root
    of the problem is that smaller accommodations,
    particularly in rural areas have an infinite variety of
    sleeping accommodation types and of pricing
    structures. It is more complex than in standard hotels.

    Bite the bullet!
    In an ideal world the ultimate matrix for prices in a
    system for the smaller accommodations is for one price
    per (specific) room or bed (it could be sleeping bag
    accommodation in a communal room) per day of the
    year (this means you don't need season or weekend as
    variables). Then there have to be rules that modify that
    price depending on:
    - length of stay
    - age of pax (e.g. child 0-5/6-11)
    - special offer
    - pax in extra bed in room
    - type of occupancy of room (some providers might rent
    their rooms as sleeping bag accommodation rather than
    made-up beds if there is little business for the more
    expensive option.