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Submodule sync problems hopefully fixed

If you had problems checking out the source tree for Romance II, it's fixed.


The problem occurred if you checked out from Sourceforge (or GitHub) without having cloned off the Star-Hope original tree; some of the submodules were only available via Star-Hope.

Those modules are now forked on GitHub to keep things tidy.

Unrelated "fun" issue: the Romance II pages on GitHub had been incorrectly identified by an automated process as being "spammy." Apparently my writing-style sounds like I should be selling Viagra. As a result, you may have seen a 404 if you tried to browse the GitHub pages in the last couple of days; this was quickly rectified by GitHub's staff, however.

Posted by Bruce-Robert Fenn Pocock 2013-12-30

Build system nears usefulness

The Makefile system is almost useful for Romance II. Let me know if you're having trouble with it … fixes are gladly accepted.

Posted by Bruce-Robert Fenn Pocock 2013-12-28

Checking out the Romance II codebase?

  1. This is a lot of code and artwork and some junk files. You're going to have time for a coffee break.

  2. git checkout the URL that gives you; and then (in that folder) do the following to get Romance II:

git checkout Romance-2 ; git submodule update ; git submodule init ; make -k

Posted by Bruce-Robert Fenn Pocock 2013-12-19

Not quite dead yet!

Well, we haven't been on Sourceforge much. This mirror never really worked its way into use at Res Interactive (Tootsville™) before their demise, and I personally hadn't been updating it, either.

But, that's about to change.

Romance II is being spun up (please, it's far from usable, interesting, or functionable yet!) and I'm resurrecting this SourceForge page for it.

The initial (test/pilot) game is code-named Violet Volts, so you may see the two names (Romans/Romance and Violet Volts) being used somewhat interchangeably at the moment.... read more

Posted by Bruce-Robert Fenn Pocock 2013-12-19