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Multi-player & more in 0.3.0

You can now play SimpleGame as a single-player or massive multi-player game over the internet! You'll have to try it to see how the timing works for multi-player, but NO, you do NOT have to wait for your friends before you can move!

Also of note are music (default off) and sound (default on). Oh yeah, and save files.


Posted by Tom Seufert 2006-07-16

At long last, a Run command

Yes, in addition to transparency support, SimpleGame 0.2.2 features a run command. Similar to Angband, but because SimpleGame has large corridors, this one sort of navigates as far as possible in the given direction without deviating too far from a straight line...

Posted by Tom Seufert 2005-04-16

Image graphics and large terrain in 0.2.0

Release 0.2.0 represents a major architectural upgrade to the Core and many advances to

The Core now makes use of its own, immutable classes for
geometry (Point, Dimension, Rectangle), and the graphical API's are much cleaner, and
use exclusively board location based references, rather than pixel based, allowing for
the future implementation of isometric or hexagonal graphical modes. ... read more

Posted by Tom Seufert 2005-04-02

Release 0.1.1 is out!

Release 0.1.1 focuses on advancing the interactive capabilities implemented in SimpleGame
and supported by the JRLE. New features include the 'look' and 'throw' commands,
including the ability to animate the item being thrown, as well as context-sensitive
help that always shows the available keyboard commands.

Finally, it is easier than ever to play SimpleGame. Go to: read more

Posted by Tom Seufert 2004-11-17

New Variant Manager User Interfaces in 0.0.9!

I just posted JRLE 0.0.9, which features a vastly improved UI for the Variant Manager. Among other momentous improvements, 0.0.9 features separate "source" and "windows" distributions. The Windows one is pre-built, and distributed with .exe files to run SimpleGame and the Variant Manager, which should make it easier to get things started.

Due to problems with the last release with respect to JVM version, I'd recommend having JDK 1.5.0 Beta 2 installed, because that is what I'm building with.... read more

Posted by Tom Seufert 2004-07-10

Major UI Strides, Items, and moving Monsters in 0.0.8!

JRLE Release 0.0.8 focuses on expanding the Core functionality and
improving SimpleGame's user interface and "fun" level.
Keyboard actions can now be mapped to game actions in the Variant
Manager, Monsters can now move and attack, a scrolling message
bar has been added, Items are now supported with commands like
"inventory", "drop", and "get", and all available in English or
(passable) Spanish!... read more

Posted by Tom Seufert 2004-06-16


I've created a project page for the JRLE on

FreshMeat basically provides a means of helping developers publicize their projects and access other people's. You can also subscribe to receive updates when new releases are out. In general, the FreshMeat pages are simpler to use if you just want a quick overview of the project and access to downloads.

Finally, no one has done it yet, but you can also rate projects, so if you like you can anonymously let me know how much you like or hate the JRLE on a scale of 1 to 10...... read more

Posted by Tom Seufert 2004-06-05

Release 0.0.7 Will Rock Your Wolrd!

Another big release is here in JRLE 0.0.7. See the change log for details, but the gist is that this release really focussed on making SimpleGame into a much better demonstration of the capabilities of the JRLE. There are monsters, a quest, and a scrolling screen. You can switch languages or make changes to the Variant Manager while playing the game. Finally, there is a testing component that appears above the dungeon view for working with different fonts and tile sizes, so you can see whats happening while playing the game, rather than having to recompile/relaunch!

Posted by Tom Seufert 2004-05-31

Home Page Updated With Docs and Manuals

The Home Page has undergone a long overdue update. The changes include updating it to more closely reflect the current status and direction of the project, as well as adding screenshots, links to download the source, view the manuals, and browse the JavaDocs.

Posted by Tom Seufert 2004-05-22

SimpleGame JRLE Demonstration ships with 0.0.6!

As of version 0.0.6, some functionality is provided for all three anticipated components: The Variant Manager, The Core, and a Prototype Game (SimpleGame).

The Core provides support classes for games. The Variant Manager facilitates modeling both the structure of configuration data and the data itself. Finally,
SimpleGame is a work in progress that showcases integrated use of the Core and
Variant Manager capabilities. The game-specific code resides in rle.simple, and is quite small because it relies heavily on infrastructure classes supplied by the Core component. Try it and see!... read more

Posted by Tom Seufert 2004-05-20

Polish, New Features, and Manual Ready in 0.0.5!

This release focussed on further maturing the Variant Manager aspect of the project. Huge changes were made and a manual has been written to help people get started. The manual is included in the release under /manuals. See the Change Log for details on what else changed.

-Wrote Variant Manager User's Manual, in manuals/ directory.
-Created sample project to demo and test functionality. Click file -> sample.
-Massive retooling of how projects are created/saved. Projects are now
saved in variants/[name]/. Each project currently has two files: header.xml and data.xml. Projects are no longer opened by browsing the file system; for simplicity, a list is shown of the available projects and the user must choose from this list.
-Development of an extensible, clean API for the Variant Manager
-Cloning nodes works again
-Info nodes no longer have a display name. Instead, users of the
Variant Manager are encouraged to use a "default" attribute set
containing such information.
-Javadoc target added to build file
-Recently used files are now tracked for opening from the file menu
-New projects are initialized by blank_data.xml
-Many unused classes have been discarded
-Added Editor.paramMap(), which combines parameters specified by the
Editor and Attribute declarations, with the latter taking precedent
-View, InfoView, and InfoGroupView, in rle.vm.view now provide read only access to nodes.
-Fixed several annoying GUI issues.
-New Editor FormattedTextEditor can restrict input using a format mask.
-TileSetComboEditor now caches tile sets to relieve a BIG performance hit.... read more

Posted by Tom Seufert 2004-05-12

Release 0.0.4 Available!

-Added checkbox, switcher, tile set, and node chooser editors
-Several GUI fixes
-Added a label on the right with the path of the current node
-Refreshing is now automatic after a structure change
-Added up/down buttons for re-ordering nodes
-Removed the refresh button
-Fixed several refresh bugs
-Assigning attribute sets to structure nodes now uses a switcher
-Code base is now using JDK 1.5 features
-Recently used files are now tracked in the file menu

Posted by Tom Seufert 2004-02-21

HUGE Release 0.0.3 now available

This release is the first to contain the principle functionality that is the point of this endeavor. A structure can be created under the structure node, which forms a template for the information nodes under info. For each node in the structure, there is a structure instances node which can be configured to specify what data should be captured for the corresponding info node. This is accomplished by selecting one or more attribute sets. Attribute sets, configured under root/attribute_sets, are simple containers for attributes, which in turn specify a single bit of information to be captured. ... read more

Posted by Tom Seufert 2003-12-31

Source Code Released!

The initial release, 0.0.2, is now available! You can run a very rough implementation of the Variant Manager!

Posted by Tom Seufert 2003-11-17

Variant Manager Design Completed

The design for the Variant Manager, an application to manage and facilitate the entire process of creating roguelike variants, is complete and can be found at

Posted by Tom Seufert 2003-10-30

Resource Manager Design

The resource manager design is nearly finished, and the initial implementation is well underway. Look for the first release of code in early November!

Information and technical design details for the resource manager have been posted to the homepage.

Posted by Tom Seufert 2003-10-22


The Roguelike Engine Project has officially started!

Posted by Tom Seufert 2003-09-25