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ROae v1.0.0 Final

atlast... but some features are disable. may be added on later version.

Posted by AntipRObot 2005-03-25

Beta 8.5.. Woot...

Now compatible with eAthena v1.0.0 (base on RC5)
Can load more characters
Can load up to 200 items in inventory,cart & kafra
Fix some stuff...

Posted by AntipRObot 2004-11-14

SORRY about beta7

its a bit premature release. it is now beta7c. there was a major bug in the program. sorry. if you lost ur storage items. use the backup file and run roae. and edit / save storage items. that should fix the problem

Posted by AntipRObot 2004-06-27

Beta 7 is here.

add roae.ini, settings, class, maps.
delete user, delete char.
edit basic character info.

Posted by AntipRObot 2004-06-25

Beta 6 is out.

check the new version. try it out and report any bugs.
help me out on the new job class code and if someone has a list of code and skill names.

Posted by AntipRObot 2004-06-17