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RMX Automation / News: Recent posts

Help Document RMX Automation

We are looking for help on the process of documenting RMX Automation. The two key areas we are focusing on right now are "Program Usage" (for end users) and "SDK Usage" (for plugin developers).

If you are interested in helping us out, check out the RMX Wiki at the following URL.

Posted by Vincent E. Milum Jr. 2007-01-27

v1.4 (20070119) Released

RMX Automation v1.4 (20071019) is now available. This build addresses key bugs in several plugins, as well as a decent memory leak bug in the core SDK.

It is highly recommended that all users of RMX Automation upgrade to this new build as soon as possible.

Plugin developers are encouraged to use the new fully automated list instead of relying on plugin-specific methods. This allows for a single uniform way to create dynamic lists that are much easier to manage.

Posted by Vincent E. Milum Jr. 2007-01-18

First Release

Our first public release since the project went open source is now available! The Nintendo Wii Remote is now supported, as well as mouse emulation. These two plugins work well together.

Posted by Vincent E. Milum Jr. 2007-01-01