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Rmldonkey 0.6 released.

Rmldonkey 0.6 released.

I have released a new version. The mains goals is the ability to save the current download list and then import then on another server. Basically it came from my need to reinstall the server. Also we can now add servers easily.

The product its distributed on two ways one installer for Windows users and a Fatjar to all others that can run a JRE.

Changes on this Version

  • "Options/Console" output corrected.
  • "Options". Some options didn't work fine now they are fine.
  • New "Servers/Add Servers" button. Its lets imports new servers on three ways manual,
    remote from file and local from file.
  • New "Options/Export Downloads" button that let you write a file with the current download links
  • New "Options/Import Downloads" button that let you import files with download links.

Dependencies / Prerequisites

Java 7 or higher


The need of additional libraries to run Rmldonkey isn't needed anymore.
Additional libraries are bundled statically on jar file.

You can run using...

java -jar FatRmldonkey06.jar

...on Linux / Unix system a "chmod 777 *.jar" give you the double click option.

Posted by Ramos Caro 2013-10-10