RMG 3.0 Released

After nearly two years of development, the RMG team is proud to present the release of RMG version 3.0. New features include:

* Cocurrent generation of a reaction mechanism over multiple temperature and pressure conditions

* Automatic time and conversion stepping when no intermediate points specified

* A new open-source module for handling pressure-dependent reaction networks

* On-the-fly generation of InChI strings for species

* A new graphical user interface for easier RMG input file generation
* Updated RMG Viewer and Editor (RMGVE), including database editing tools

* Thermodynamics estimates for non-cyclic species incorporate certain steric effects (1,5-interactions and gauche interactions)

Also including a number of bug fixes, RMG 3.0 is a marked improvement over RMG 2.

RMG is released under the terms of the MIT/X11 license.

Several packages are available, including Linux x86 and Windows 32-bit binaries, platform-independent source code, and a Windows 32-bit installer.

Please refer to the RMG website (http://rmg.sourceforge.net/) for information on citing RMG in published work.

Posted by Josh Allen 2009-03-06