#99 Add support for search on multiple files

Xavier de Pedro


Once thing I'm missing from RKward (which makes me go back to Kate, for instance, every now and then) is the ability to search in multiple files at one (like "grep"). That was available also under Eclipse, and was proven to be very useful when working in medium to big sized projects. But as I said, since KAte has that sort of basic feature, I thought that it might not be that difficult to add it to RKWard.

To reproduce/test what I mean, you can (translating from another language, labels from buttons and links might differ slightly)
* open Kate
* Click on "Search on files" button at the bottom line
* Click on "Refine Search" button on the right hand side of that new section which showed up
* Select your pattern, folder, filter, and options:
** recursive
** case
** regexp
** include hidden files
** follow symlinks to dirs

A new option for RKward, if possible, would be very suitable:
** limit search scope to current worksapce

Once you search for that text, you'll get links below to all files containing that text or pattern, indicating the file, line and text from that line where the text was found.


And even better would be search & replace on multiple files, to help code refactorization.

In case sharing these thoughts help...

Cheers and thanks for such a nice R GUI !