#121 Vfke RKWard documentation translatable

L10N (1)
Yuri Chornoivan

Attached are some scripts to extract, update and merge the translations of RKWard help files. The scripts need po4a installed.

produces POT template file in locales subfolder of the /pages folder with rkh files.

./update.sh locale
updates PO file in /locales or all PO files if run without argument.

./makedoc.sh locale
produces ready to use localized docs for the given locale or for all available locales if run without arguments.

Localization can be made in two ways:

  1. Separate folder for every locale (usual scheme for KDE, GNOME, etc., that's how the attached scripts work), help files are loaded from the subfolder of the current locale.

  2. All files in one folder, translations have additional _locale suffix in names (that's how Inkscape translation works, needs some minor tweaking of the scripts.

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