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#113 FIXED IN SVN: Can't type in the console if text is selected


If you select some text in the R console, you can't type any text in it. This is very annoying, because I often end up selecting one or two characters inadvertently when I click on the console to focus it: when the mouse is moving, it's very hard to avoid selecting something.

It took me months to understand why, seemingly at random, I couldn't type anything. I can imagine this may bite people at times, which gives a very bad impression.

As I don't see the reason why typing should be disabled when text is selected, I suggest changing this behavior (unless that's a technical limitation).


    • assigned_to: nobody --> tfry
    • summary: Can't type in the console if text is selected --> FIXED IN SVN: Can't type in the console if text is selected
    • status: open --> open-fixed
  • Hi!

    The technical issue behind this is this: If a selection is active, any key press would usually affect that selection (e.g. replacing it). Since everything outside the last line should be read-only, the policy was to ignore key-presses (with a beep), if there is a selection, outside the last line.

    I have now changed this to clear the selection (not the selection contents, of course), then handle the key. I guess that really is better is almost all use cases.


  • Cool! ;-)

    • status: open-fixed --> closed-fixed