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#110 Copying table to clipboard doesn't always work


Sometimes, when you select the contents of a table in the HTML output, copy it using Ctrl+C and paste it in OpenOffice, it doesn't work. Instead of getting a table, you get space-separated values. This seems to happen only when the borders of the table aren't selected, but there is no visual hint that they are selected or not.

To reproduce the bug, you have to start the selection with the pointer on the first character of the table, rather than to its left - the difference is subtle, but the problem is 100% reproducible. It seems that if you don't start the selection really in the corner of the table, it doesn't get detected as such.

This is annoying since it's hard to track down: users may think copying tables doesn't work at all, or only at random.

A workaround/feature would be to avoid forcing people to select tables to copy them (there isn't even a context menu): tables could be shown with a "Copy" link (similar to the "Run again" one) that would automatically copy the whole table to the clipboard. Or a "Copy" overlay button could be shown when hovering on the table, but that might be technically harder. Other solution: when there is no selection, a right click on a table would show a "Copy" menu item that would copy the whole table.