Rootkit Hunter release 1.3.2

The Rootkit Hunter project team announces release 1.3.2.

The changelog lists 3 additions, 6 changes and 14 bugfixes. Naming a few:
- Socklog and rsyslog daemons support.
- IRIX/IRIX64 support.
- Application version check errors mostly ignored.
- Application check whitelisting.
- 'pflog' checked for all *BSD now.
- Correct scanning of /dev in LAZY mode.
- Whitelisted passwordless account names logged.
- Corrected obtaining process names in Solaris.
- Unset MANPATH for .spec (OpenSuSE).
- Correct hidden files/directories test behaviour.
- Cater for those using fdesc/fdescfs.

Posted by unSpawn 2008-02-27