Rootkit Hunter announces release 1.3.0 beta 2

The Rootkit Hunter team is pleased to announce Rootkit Hunter version 1.3.0 beta 2.

Given the timeframe between releases the changelog is packed with features, changes and bugfixes since the last beta release.

To name a few:
- New command-line option '--propupd' replaces ''.
- New command-line option '--pkgmgr' supporting RPM, Dpkg and BSD-style package managers.
- New command-line option '--hash' to select the hash function command for the file hash
value check and the properties update.
- Added support for Ubuntu, and the 'dash' and 'ash' shells.
- Added basic internationalization (i18n) functionality.
- Added two new command-line and configuration file options, '--enable' and '--disable'
to specify which tests are to be carried out and which are to be ignored.
- Added support for Solaris 10 inetd mechanism (inetadm).
- Application version numbers can now be whitelisted. This caters for those distributions
that may patch a 'known bad' version, but without updating the original version number.

There's much, much more. Please see the changelog for details on all the features, changes
and bugfixes.

Please install, test and report back any errors using the tracker or the rkhunter-users mailing list.

Posted by unSpawn 2007-09-01