Rootkit Hunter re-release 1.2.9 (non-critical)

The Rootkit Hunter project team announces the re-release of 1.2.9.

When upgrading rkhunter.conf is intentionally not replaced to preserve local changes. The new configuration file is not installed as an example however. This means changes between earlier versions and 1.2.9 can not be noticed by users. While this is a non-critical issue we find it is important enough to issue a re-release of 1.2.9. This re-release also fixes the defective .spec file.

There are four ways to upgrade to the current package:

- Download the archive again from and reinstall.
- Extract the configuration file if you already have it: "tar -zf rkhunter-1.2.9.tar.gz -x rkhunter-1.2.9/files/rkhunter.conf -O >".
- Get the configuration file is "cd /tmp; cvs -z3 co -rrel129 -P rkhunter/files/rkhunter.conf; mv rkhunter/files/rkhunter.conf /usr/local/etc/; rm -rf /tmp/rkhunter".
- Get it from ViewCVS at this URI: "*checkout*/rkhunter/rkhunter/files/rkhunter.conf?revision="
Regardless of the option chosen you should now inspect and copy the differences to your current configuration file, and please make sure you do not replace the uncommented INSTALLDIR= entry.

Thanks for your time.

For the Rootkit Hunter project team,

Posted by unSpawn 2006-10-02