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Read Me

                        Rivetweb README

 Rivetweb is a minimum requirements Tcl based engine for creating template 
based websites. The only mandatory software you need is the Apache HTTP 
Webserver,Apache Rivet, some of the popular Tcl related packages (tdom,
Itcl) plus some additional packages when specific features are needed.
 Rivetweb relies on Apache Rivet ( for doing 
most of the work needed to create and manipulate content to be displayed in
HTML pages. Rivetweb exploits the ability of Rivet of handling 
templates to pages having a consistent appearance thorough a whole website.

 Rivetweb internal machinery and organizazion is entirely developed in 
Tcl and Itcl (though the latter is not required to extend the framework). 
Itcl classes will probably migrate to the TclOO object system. Rivetweb
was written with an emphasis on indipendence from actual
implementation of its components and aims to evolve to a customizable,
extensible yet easy-to-use framework for simple websites. 

 A key component in Rivetweb are datasources, components capable of
processing url-encoded parameters into page objects.

 Current code provides basically 3 example datasources: 
 - XMLBase: a datasource dealing with XML documents bearing both metadata and
contents of a page.
 - Scripted: a largely suboptimal datasource whose aim is to provide 
an example of a component capable of running site specific scripts.
 - RWDummy: a dummy datasource whose main role is to create pages for
error messages

 Like in every template based framework Rivetweb can be running different 
XHTML/CSS templates at once. You can switch between templates by customizing
the website specific configuration.

 Rivetweb is thought to be multilingual. Its page model interface handles
language codes and also menu links and headers can switch from a language
to another language provided your datasource has method for fetching 
content in different languages.

Rivetweb has a basic support for extensibility of the markup: 
page creation can be customized adding 'hook' procedures to the code, 
thus adding new data transformations and/or tag expansion.

Rivetweb is entirely free and released under the Apache 2.0 licence.

# 2013-01-28