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Read Me

	Risteau is an IRC File server

	Risteau supports the following functions:
		Searching by wildcard (find)
		DCC file list in txt format (<nick>), or over private message
		Retrieval of files with one pm (<nick> <file>)
		Advertisement in response to request (list)
		Advertisement based on a timer
		Serving on multiple channels

	All Risteau commands can be PMd or sent in a channel Risteau is in, 
and must be preceded by either ! or @ (easily changable, but not 
configurable yet.)

	Risteau is modular, and can therefore, in theory, use interfaces 
other than IRC. Risteau currently only includes an IRC interface, but 
feel free to write one and send it to me.

The core requires the following modules:

The IRC interfaces requires the following modules:
* Risteau requres POE::Component::IRC to be at least version 4.4. If you 
see errors about being unable to locate the 'spawn' function, this is 
the cause.


Configuration information is stored in 'config.yaml,' in the executable 
directory. In general, options will default to what is listed below (or 
in the distributed config file) if they are left out. However, this mode 
of operation may not be reliable. Risteau understands the following 
config options (options shown are defaults):

	IRC server to connect to

nickname: Risteau
	Nickname to choose on the IRC server

channel: #dc
	Channel to join.
	Risteau is now capable of joining multiple channels, and should be 
	specified in a space-separated list.

password: Ic43sD
	Password to register with in nickserv

root: '/mnt/m1/Library/'
	File repository to serve from

sends: 3
	Maximum concurrent sends (not including the file list)

advertise: 900
	Interval upon which to post advertisements. Risteau advertises 
	itself upon connecting.

	Risteau allows you to fully customize it's advertisement message. A 
	reasonable default is provided for this, if you don't want to 
	bother. The following special character sequences will be 
	dynamically replaced with calculated values:

	@N - The bot's nickname
	@S - The total KB sent
	@R - The average send rate in KB/s
	@U - The URL where Risteau can be had.
	You're by no means required to include the @U, but to the author a 
	favor and let people know that you're running his magnificent 
	software. ;)

listby: dcc
	Controls how the file list is sent. If this is anything except 
	"dcc", file lists are sent using the send_private event.

sent: 0
	The number of bytes sent ever. You can be dishonest and change this 
	if you really want.

time: 0
	The time spent sending. Used to calculate the average rate. If 
	you're going to change 'sent', above, be sure to change this so the 
	average doesn't become skewed and useless. Don't worry about 

local_addr: [none]
	This configuration parameter will allow you to force Risteau to bind 
	to a specific IP address, in case you have multiple network cards, 
	or if for some reason Risteau tries to bind to localhost by default. 
	Be careful; an invalid entry will prevent Destult from connecting.

	These features are unsupported, which means they may work, but I no 
	longer want to support them.

	If a 'bookwarez:' directive is present in the config file, Risteau 
	will enter "bookwarez" mode. This requires two other configuration 
	directives, as well:

		master: '#bookwarez'
		trigger: '!bw'
	Upon joining, Risteau will join the 'master' channel instead of the
	channel specified above. Risteau will then paste the indicated
	trigger, and wait for an invitation. Risteau will accept any
	invitations it receives will in "bookwarez" mode.

	Some systems require users to maintain a presence in one channel 
	while they wish to take part in another. To enable this, set KEYCHAN 
	to the name of the first channel.


Copyright 2004, Patrick Bogen

This file is part of Risteau.

Risteau is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free
Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your
option) any later version.

Risteau is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT
ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or
for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along
with Risteau; if not, write to:

Free Software Foundation, Inc.
59 Temple Place
Suite 330
Boston, MA

	Risteau was written by Patrick Bogen <>. Comments,
suggestions, complaints, sexual favors, and monetary offerings should be
directed thus. Comments, Suggestions, and Sexual Favors are especially