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Project moved

As of 2010-12-07 19:00:00 EST, this project may now be found at http://www.aqsis.org.

Posted by WHiTeRaBBiT 2010-12-08

Download Packages Updated!


After a lot of hard work the download packages have finally been updated with the latest stable version of MOSAIC from CVS beta-0.4.7
This release offers built-in shader/token integration to nearly every feature of Blender's material, light and world settings. Also included is a greatly expanded render pass system that adds support to nearly every technique currently available to RenderMan, this includes the standard depth and env maps as well as photon mapping for GI and caustics, irradiance caching, point cloud occlusion, point cloud GI, and point cloud baking of Ci and diffuse.
Also included are several experimental features for using render layers with Aqsis layered EXR display and using depth and env maps for advanced features such as SSS, color bleeding, area lighting, soft shadows and color bleeding in volumes. As always all shaders and RIB export have been tested to work with the latest versions of 3Delight, Air, Aqsis, Pixie and PrMan.... read more

Posted by WHiTeRaBBiT 2009-11-16

MOSAIC is now using hosted apps!

Greetings all,

After a good bit of work I've updated all project content into several new hosted apps provided by SourceForge, among them are:

1) MediaWiki - replacing the old wiki home page and manual, unlike the previous wiki this actually works like a real wiki
2) phpbb forum - replacing the old sourceforge forums, this greatly expands the forums including avatars, image and file attachments, and user to user private messaging
3) Gallery - This is new and will replace my offsite picasa gallery, this is fairly simple but allows me to keep test render together with over MOSAIC content
4) WordPress Blog - This replaces my old diary and will encourage me to more micro blogging instead of the big tutorial blogging I do over at BlenderToRenderMan... read more

Posted by WHiTeRaBBiT 2009-08-14

RIB MOSAIC: Special early beta relase for BlenderToRenderMan blogs

This is a special early beta release specifically for the
Blender To RenderMan blog tutorials which can be found here:

Originally the tutorials were done as a temporary place to
talk about the changes being made to MOSAIC. It seems
however the blogs have become so popular I feel it
necessary to do a early release of the CVS to prevent
confusion from non-CVS users. This package insures that the
CVS 1.39 version of MOSAIC stays in since historically with
the blogs.... read more

Posted by WHiTeRaBBiT 2008-07-31

Started tutorial blogs at BlenderToRenderman

Now that the planned new features have begun to taper off I've decided its time to start thinking about re-documenting MOSAIC. Since I still have a little more "intrusive" work to do I thought it would be nice to write a series of blog tutorials as a in-between step to completely re-writing the Wiki. These blogs will act as a temporary reference to the new features in CVS while being informal enough to not require updating with every new CVS feature (the way I would need to with the Wiki manual).... read more

Posted by WHiTeRaBBiT 2008-07-10

Full CVS package finally updated!

After a little over 8 months all content in the CVS is finally updated. Several example scenes have been added and the older examples have been updated with the newer features of MOSAIC. This also means that the entire CVS package is up-to-date with the latest version of Blender. There's a little more work to do with the built-in shaders and the Wiki manual will get a complete re-write, at which point I'll finally be able to release a new download package (for all those scared of CVS) :)... read more

Posted by WHiTeRaBBiT 2008-06-21

CVS updates to Blender 2.46 compatibility

Hey everybody,

As of CVS version 1.36 MOSAIC is now compatible with Blender 2.46. In particular it can now export the new particle systems with support for multiple materials for points, hair, billboards and objects. MOSAIC also supports the new soft shadowed raytraced light controls through the built-in shaders and tokens.
PLEASE BE ADVISED AS OF MOSAIC 1.36 SUPPORT IS BROKEN FOR BLENDER 2.45 AND BELOW!!!! This is an unavoidable result of using the new particles system. Hope everybody enjoys ;)... read more

Posted by WHiTeRaBBiT 2008-06-10

Developer Diary for MOSAIC

Because of all the questions I've gotten over the last few months I've decided to setup a simple developer diary. Because I usually only post major release posts in the Blog I though it would be nice to have a place to post more personal information about my design decisions or problems as well as goals and plans for MOSAIC.
Check it out here http://sourceforge.net/developer/diary.php?diary_user=1601629/

Posted by WHiTeRaBBiT 2008-04-24

Developer blog for MOSAIC!

If you've ever wondered where MOSIAC came from or where its going or whats currently being developed or maybe even if I'm doing anything with it at all, then this is the place for you!

Thanks to the efforts of Tenzin I'm now posting MOSAIC development news in the BlendertoRenderMan blog group. You'll also find other blogs and links to other Great Blender and RenderMan projects and developers you may or may not have known about.... read more

Posted by WHiTeRaBBiT 2008-02-09

First public Beta release of MOSAIC!

As with most Beta releases MOSAIC if fully functional with all planned features available, but may have several bugs both known and unknown. If you encounter any problems please put in a bug tracker or ask questions in the help forum, and of course if theres something you want to see or don't like leave a comment in the discussions forum. To install just uncompress the package and follow the instructions in the contained README.... read more

Posted by WHiTeRaBBiT 2007-10-08