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RhNav - Rhizome Navigation / News: Recent posts

RhNav switches host.

RhNav moved from sourceforge.net to berliOS.de due to SVN capabilities.

Posted by Walter Rafelsberger 2005-04-04

Rhizome Navigation Demos Released

A graphical solution of Rhizome Navigation is currently in development. Until we release the first code bits it is already possible to experiment with several online demos made with RhNav for PhpWiki and the prefuse user interface toolkit.


Posted by Walter Rafelsberger 2005-04-04

Rhizome.org added RhNav as an Art Object to its New Museum

RhNav - Rhizomatic Navigation was recently added to Rhizome.org's New Museum as an Art Object.

"RhNav is an acronym for rhizomatic navigation and provides both text-based and three dimensional dynamic navigation interfaces based on log analysis and user tracking."

"Rhizome.org is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 1996 to provide an online platform for the global new media art community."
http://www.rhizome.org/... read more

Posted by Walter Rafelsberger 2004-06-29

RhNav VRML Test Released

RhNav provides both text based and graphical navigation aids taking advantage of user tracking. RhNav VRML Test is a first step in the direction of visualizing user behavior as a three dimensional graph and making this graph a navigation interface.

The test is accessable at http://www.shamino.com/rhnav/

More information about RhNav can be found at the official Homepage http://rhnav.sourceforge.net and the site http://www.shamino.com/ where the RhNav concept is realized as a PhpWiki-Plugin for text based navigation aids.

Posted by Walter Rafelsberger 2004-04-01

RhNav project website online

RhNav provides navigation aids based on log analysis and user tracking. Our website with a detailed description is now online.

Although RhNav itself is still in Pre-Alpha, parts of the concept are realized as a PhpWiki plugin and can be reviewed at

Posted by Walter Rafelsberger 2003-11-02