New platform: MiNT

  • Hello,

    i'd like to announce that i managed to compile and install Rhapsody IRC sucessfully
    on my Atari TT030 computer. It runs on a 32 MHz Motorola 68030 cpu.
    The Operating System used is MiNT 1.16.3a .

    All i had to change was adding "-lsocket" to line 5 of /rhapsody-0.28b/src/makefile,
    so it reads

    LIBS=$(BASELIBS) -lsocket

    after editing. Compiling exited when having only 8 MB Memory, but succeeded with 20 MB.

    Then compiling works as said in the docs.
    Thanks to KeithS on #atariscne for figuring out that '-lsocket' issue.

    Perhaps the Author like to add that to the info page of Rhapsody IRC :)
    Thanks to him for coding my favorite console IRC client.

    Stefan Niestegge (aka Beetle)