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Lots of work :)

I've worked hard on Hack ! It's able now to handle very large files (64 bit) and copy/cut/paste instantly. A data viewer has been added and disassembly works well.

I think I'll be able to release another version in the next weeks.

Posted by Frédéric BISSON 2003-10-03

Hack v0.3 (alpha) released

Hack is a Win32 Hex editor (Yes ! another one :) ) with REXX script capabilities

Developped under WinXP with LCC-Win32 (only C), expected to work under Win32 platforms (No plan for a port under Unices)

It Uses REXXTrans to implement REXX Scripting capabilities (tested with Regina, Object REXX and WRexx).

At the beginning, it was meant helping me understanding Win32 API programming in C, therefore source code may be helpful as everything is written by hand (MDI, OLE drop, file reading/writing, new window classes definition, REXX interfacing...) ... read more

Posted by Frédéric BISSON 2003-07-05