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#2 typos/minor polishing

Arun Lakshmanan

As the title says, not much of a bug but just some minor, nitpicky stuff....ignore if you're tired :)

When selecting the "Configure R Interface" option the pop-up menu has a couple of typos:
1. "USe HTML help..." should be "Use HTML help..." (extra capitalization of the S)
2. "Audbile bell" should be "Audible Bell"

3. When I try to close the detached R console using the option included in v.06, the warning message has a typo in it: "colpletely" should be "completely"

v.06 takes care of the greyed out window cleanly...no more of those happening now.

Also, this one is more of a feature request:
Is it possible to put the "close R console", "attach/detach R console" into the realm of being able to manually assign keyboard shortcuts? Since this plugin is targeted at 'power' users who are more likely to stick to the keyboard rather than have to use the mouse, the ability to control the console from the keyboard would be invaluable.

Once again, you're probably the fastest responder I've ever seen in my brief time using FOSS.....kudos! And of course, this is a great plugin...my compliments.


  • Dan Dediu
    Dan Dediu

    Thanks for pointing these out! Fixed them in 0.6.1 and added the keyboard shortcuts as well.
    Also, now closing an R tab (or the whole console) is done the "hard" way by sending a SIGHUP signal (before it simply asked the R process and Shell to nicely exit, which obviously would not work for run-away processes).

  • Dan Dediu
    Dan Dediu

    • status: open --> closed