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Project Awakening

The project is starting to live again. After several years or running seemingly unattended on several websites, we now know some of the bigger problems. These should be fixed shortly.

Posted by Barry Voeten 2011-12-26

Dutch version of Rgbtrade gone live

At dec 22, 2007, Rgbtrade has made its first appearance as a live system. Starting small, which is beautiful. Check http://rgboog.nl for a quick view.

Posted by Barry Voeten 2007-12-23

Rgbtrade 0.11.1 needs a database fix

This release did not include the needed database definition update. Please run the following as an update:

DROP TABLE rgbTransfers;
`transferId` int( 11 ) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT ,
`transferFromId` int( 11 ) NOT NULL ,
`transferToId` int( 11 ) NOT NULL ,
`transferText` text,
`transferRedValue` float default NULL ,
`transferGreenValue` float default NULL ,
`transferBlueValue` float default NULL ,
`transferStatus` enum( 'sent', 'done', 'undone' ) default 'done',
`transferById` int( 11 ) default NULL ,
PRIMARY KEY ( `transferId` ) ,
KEY `transferFromId` ( `transferFromId` ) ,
KEY `transferToId` ( `transferToId` ) ,
KEY `transferStatus` ( `transferStatus` ) ,
KEY `transferDateTime` ( `transferDateTime` ) ,
KEY `transferById` ( `transferById` )

Posted by Barry Voeten 2007-11-25

Second developer release

Rgbtrade has publised a developer release. The 0.10 was quickly followed by 0.10.1 due to a reported problem during installation. We are very happy that this project already receives much attention, i.e. more than we had hoped for.

Thanks to all and Sourceforge!

Posted by Barry Voeten 2007-08-29

First svn files coming up

More than a year after the SF.net project RGBtrade has started, I'm finally submitting files to the repository. Last year I published the "book" and then started off writing code.

This is going rather slowly, because, I'm doing everything by myself. My current aim is to get a version out that has at least the following working:

* registration (although without verify email)
* placing ads (are being saved, but no nice message of that)
* browsing ads and participants
* transfer RGB's to other participants
* category editor for the ad categories. This is the aim for this week. After that, version 0.1.0 will be there.

Posted by Barry Voeten 2007-07-18

Development has started

After the requirement phase and the initial drawing of the screens, Barry has started development of the HTML and PHP code parts. Actually, it os going pretty well now, so, extra tasks such as the initial definition of a "lifestyle" text and the setting up of a wiki was done.

Posted by Barry Voeten 2007-02-25