Windows XP crashes

Carl Caum
  • Carl Caum
    Carl Caum

    I was very excited about finding this since my hard drive containing kubuntu fried today.  The Windows partition seems to be OK though.  However I can't access my second hard drive with all my home directories.  So, no music or any other media.  I tried this tool but shortly after starting the service the computer crashes and restarts.  I'm guessing Kernel panic? Windows is fully up-to-date. Any ideas?

    • Same for me (XP SP2): I browse into the reiserfs drive and I  get a blue screen of the death :-{

    • Balint Szente
      Balint Szente

      Same for me too. XP Pro SP2, up to date. Actually the service starts. The drive appear with the directory structure, everything is fine, until I access a file.
      Blue death appears, when I want to access a file.

    • gkiagia

      Me too. XP SP2 crashes with a BSOD when I access my home directory.

    • Nate

      I'm also having this problem with XP SP2.  I'm assuming at this point that this driver does not support SP2 yet.  According to the news page, the developer has been away from the project for about a year.  Hopefully he will have time to work on the project again soon, because this has the potential of being an extremely useful tool.

    • wb-

      A copy of the BSOD can be found here:
      I do get it with the v1 driver and the pre release of v2.

      I use WinXP SP2 and get the BSOD after opening the partition (by double clicking on it).
      With the v1 driver I see my folders for like a second and that the BSOD shows his evil blue.
      With the pre release v2 driver I dont even see the folders, I do get the BSOD immediately.

      If you need more testing, please let me know.


    • Tehnik

      I tried to install the latest available version (ReiserDriver.pre-release.v2) on Windows XP SP2. It turned out that I had already tested it. It shows directory structure quite well but any atempt to read a file causes an immediate system rebooting, no BSOD is shown. That is why I use a command line tool to access reiserfs partitions.