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#23 woweepratt@comcast.net


First I want to thank you for your time and fine efforts to
produce such a slick program. As you will understand I
have been unable to us eit yet, but I have seen it on a
live cd and I can't wait to work with it.

Now my problem. I have tried for several days to
understand and fix a problem with JACKD and
audio programs such as ReZound and am asking for
some help and guidance.

The first problem is that when I try installing ReZound
using Synaptic the
installation fails because of a JACKD dependancy. yet,
JACKD is installed on
my system, it's just an old version.

Second problem is updating JACKD. I go to update
JACKD and it wants to rip
out KDE in the process.

Thrid problem, JACKD updates and installs, takes out
KDE, and I login in at
the prompt. I run apt-get install kde and basically it
says no problem, will
do, but it wants to REMOVE JACKD!

Help if you can please.

Robert Pratt