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#66 Reduce tempfile discspace requirements


Hey, again.

Justone more thing - ReZound seems to be very
discspace-hungry as far as the space required for
temporary files is concerned. Working with a single 13
minute wave file, it was soon using almost 2 GB of
temp files. I would suggest that you might want to
consider including two options: one that would allow
the user to limit the number of undo levels to a
user-defined number, and also an option to let the user
select a format for the tempfiles, allowing them to be
stored in FLAC or some other lossless compression
format rather than uncompressed WAVE or raw data.
While this would put considerably more overhead on the
program and increase the time it takes to apply
filters, etc., it would be a very useful option for
people like myself who unfortunately have a lot more
time than available discspace. Also, an option to
flush the undo cache would be useful.



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    I think this is a good idea. It would be helpful to store
    temporary data in a lossless compressed way. Maybe splitting
    the temp files into chunks might help as well

    OTOH what about a mode where you can preconfigure several
    actions which will be executed at the same time (to get
    around undo steps) which means some kind of batch processing
    within ReZound ?