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#63 Suggested needed Features


Hi Davy, Anthony, Marc and Will,

first of all thanks for rezound - I must say it is
the most intuitive Editor I have found for Linux !

Coming from the Windows-World , coming from
"Cooledit" (also a very intuitive Soundeditor) and
beeing audio-engineer for a german radiostation, I
have some suggestions which might be implemented in
one of the next versions of rezound.

- The Spacebar should toggle between play and stop

or even better

- Key-shortcuts should be freely editable by the user

and I haven't found this one anywhere:

- it should be possible to listen to the waveform in
a kind of "fast-play" - ok you have the
"seek-shuttle" already in rezound, but:
- the pitch is shifting, when you turn it to play
faster and
- the range, how fast you can go, doesn't really make
sense, because anything faster as twice-speed cannot
be understood because of speed and pitch. For this
kind of "winding" you can better use the Mouse and
set the cursor.

In a radiostation you have a lot of word-editing.
That means you have a recording with someone (say a
Reporter) reading his text. The software at my work
makes it possible to listen to the recording at
various speeds: say 1x, 1.25x, 1.5x, 2x, 2.5x and 3x,
all at the same pitch (realtime timestretching/
This makes it possible to understand what the Reader
is saying, even at higher speeds, thus shortening the
time needed to check for mistakes and edit the
I haven't found this feature on any semi-professional
software yet and I would love to see it in
rezound ...

If You like, we can stay in contact. I can offer You
some insights into the Audio-User-World, helping You
to make Your program the most useful.

My e-mail: lars@van3-audio.de

I'm looking forward to reading from You, best wishes:
Lars Vandrey.