#6 Cannot stop file after new file opened

Davy Durham

While playing one .wav file, I opened another, which,
replaced the first file in the edit window and in turn
I could not stop the first file playing unless I closed
the newly-opened one.

This concerns the binary version for Linux (in my case
being SuSE 7.3).


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    Davy Durham

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    Well, what was *supposed* to happen is that another
    window opens up listing all the loaded sounds whenever you
    have more than 1 opened at the same time. So, you can use
    that window to select which sound window to work on.
    This was necessary due to the lack of MDI (multiple
    document interface) support built into the X protocol right
    now. (Many people don't like the idea idea of MDI, but I
    do.. otherwise, you get things like the huge popup menus
    that gimp has for each image you open.)
    There is an alternate window selection mode that is
    implemented in ReZound, but I don't make it available right
    now that allows all the opened sound windows to be visible
    at once, but it's kinda goofy, so I don't make it publically
    known (until now that is)

    If that "Opened Sound List" window is not coming up when
    you load the second sound then let me know and I'll try to
    work with you to figure out why it isn't.


  • Davy Durham
    Davy Durham

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    And this window I'm talking about is shown in the first 3
    screen shots ( http://rezound.sourceforge.net/ss.shtml ) and
    missing in the other 2 screens

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    The window-list window did pop up as it was supposed to. I
    just didn't know what to do with it at the time. The
    unexpected behaviour was not being able to stop the first
    file after loading the second. I would let multiple windows
    open, for that way you would expect that menu actions would
    apply to the window that has the focus.

    I used to dislike MDI, until I used the Opera browser. But
    MDI has the disadvantage of taking up the whole screen, as
    the top window clips its children.

    The Gimp doesn't propagate tools for each window, but
    applies the same tool to the window with focus, changing
    state also, if need be (as in showing layers for different
    windows). The trouble with this is that one has to be always
    mindful of which has the focus.

    However, with you have to do this with most applications,
    and X allows choice of focus policy to strictly follow the
    mouse pointer location, in which case you always have to pay
    attention to focus, or else you'll be typing into unexpected

    Multiple windows (even if only two) have the huge advantage
    of being able to copy/cut/paste between, with both in view.


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