#57 Wrong international chars shown

Davy Durham

Checked cvs version from 18/07/2004. Accentuated
characters are displayed wrong with the spanish locale.


  • Davy Durham
    Davy Durham

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  • Davy Durham
    Davy Durham

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    Can you take a look near the bottom of
    src/frontend_fox/main.cpp and see where I set the font for
    when the locale is spanish... make sure the font encoding is
    being set to something correct for spanish.

    ISO-8859-1 is what the es.po files says it was written with,
    so that's what I set the font encoding to.

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    Everything seems correct, the encoding is set to iso-8859-1
    in the .po file and the code sets the same encoding. Could
    it be that the .po gets converted to utf-8 when it's loaded
    into the program? It gets shown in rezound like it was
    utf-8, international characters as 2 random characters.

    I'll do some more checking when I have the time. Maybe
    changing the encoding to utf-8 in main.cpp for spanish would
    solve the problem but I don't know why.


  • Joost

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    If you're using an UTF-8 locale then accentuated characters
    do look garbled. Please check by opening a xterm and insert
    the command
    If you get something like es_ES.UTF-8 then I would try to
    export es_ES as a value of the LANG variable before you
    start ReZound
    export LANG=es_ES
    to get iso8859-1 fonts for your locale
    export LANG=es_ES@euro
    to get iso8859-15 fonts for your locale

    I did a workaround for the de locale by creating a shell
    script in /usr/local/bin which starts ReZound using an
    iso8859-1 locale instead of the system setting for UTF-8

    export LANG=de_DE

    Kind regards, Joost

  • Joost

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    If I load the es.po file into vi when using es_ES as locale
    then indeed the accentuated characters look garbled on my
    system. If I change the locale to es_ES.UTF-8 then it seems
    to work and all accentuated characters look fine. Perhaps
    the es.po file has been created within an UTF-8 locale.

    I changed my locale to es_ES (iso8859-1) and ReZound showed
    the accentuated characters within the application as they
    should. All menu items are displayed in Spanish.

    I straced the application and it uses following locale
    specific files:

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    You're right, I'm using utf-8 and that seems to be the
    problem. That shouldn't cause any problems, the system
    locale should not affect the way translations are loaded.
    Some other programs exhibit the same problem, while others
    do the right thing.

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    I'm using de_DE.UTF-8 and have the same problem with german umlauts.
    Since I have hardly converted my whole system to UTF-8, I don't want to
    switch back.

    UTF-8 should be the only (internal) encoding at all. It can be easily
    converted to every other locale if needed.

  • Davy Durham
    Davy Durham

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