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#104 Change Tempo: Slider doesn't work like it should

Davy Durham
Christian Marker

Hi there,

I am using ReZound 0.12.0_beta compiled with Fox
1.2.6-r2. There is a minor issue with the Slider
"Tempo Change" from the Menu "Remaster -- Change
Tempo". When using the Slider, the appropriate factor
by which the song's tempo will be changed is shown in
the text field right below the slider. However,
everytime I type the factor directly into this
textbox and confirm the value with [Enter] or [Tab],
the slider jumps right to the lowest value available.
On the other hand, the slider for pitch shifting
works as it sould.

Weird: Because of the Unicode-Incompatibility, I
start ReZound with

$ LC_ALL="de_DE" rezound

However, if I start with

$ LC_ALL="en_US" rezound, the problem doesn't occur!
(This was found out by accident, when I started
rezound to look for the English menu titles for this
bug report ;))

I attached an MPG-Video which shows this behaviour...


    • priority: 5 --> 3
  • This short clip shows the behaviour of the slider

  • Davy Durham
    Davy Durham

    I had made some changes around numeric string conversions since version 0.12.0.. though I could not reproduce the problem with or without that change.. I probably don't have the locales set up properly (but I did install the de locale).

    Please verify if it's still a problem with later version, but I'm going to close this out now.

  • Davy Durham
    Davy Durham

    • assigned_to: nobody --> ddurham
    • status: open --> closed-fixed