combobox list pops up under its parent window

  • Yakov Mindelis
    Yakov Mindelis

    I am trying to use combobox and get the following :

    1. when using fvwm2/twm/cde window manager on aix the popup list always pops under the parent window

    2. when using kde wm (rh linux) the list pops ok (displayed above the parrent window)

    Parts of the popup list are visible only if the parent window isn't big enough to cover the list.

    I tried to display from linux on window managers  on aix and from aix on linux display - the aix window namagers always hide the popup window.
    It happens with the demo that comes with rexxtk.
    Rexxtk is 1.2, tcl/tk are 8.3 on linux and 8.4.9 on aix.

    BTW(little bit ot): I had to expose unsupported command  in rexxtkbase.c to make combobox work with tcl/tk 8.4.9:
    "tk::unsupported::ExposePrivateCommand *\n"  


    • Yakov Mindelis
      Yakov Mindelis

      Further investigation on the matter revealed this:

      Instruction "wm deiconify" on the "popup" object seem to have no effect when "overrideredirect" is set.
      Unsetting the flag before the "wm deconify  and setting it back right after, causes the popup to raise but with the defaul wm decorations.

      Is there a way to raise the popup using  rexxtk commands without modifying the librexxtkcombo.a?

      Thanks in advance,

    • Yakov Mindelis
      Yakov Mindelis

      Looks like I got the solution:

      added "raise $widgets(popup)\n" after the "wm deiconify $widgets(popup)\n" (l. 654 in extensions/rexxtkcombobox.c of rexxtk1.2) and viola:-)

      Now the popup is always shown above the main window.


      PS: since this list seems to be in deep sleep,  gone to wake up some ppl...